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When something really awful happens, but it turns into something fantastic!

Developed at the univeristy of cincinnati!
"breaking my arm hurt like hell, but I got the digits of that cute nurse in the ER so i guess i pulled a birdsong."

"Our professor got canned, but it was a birdsong as his replacement was the shit!"
by p-c of u-c February 19, 2010
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The most badass last name on the planet.
belongs the sexiest men.
couldnt be better name for a drop dead sexy man.
Men want to be a birdsong, Women crawl all over birdsongs.
"jesus christ, is that a Birdsong ? He is so effin hot, i want to just eat him up"

"Birdsong are totally kick ass."

"if he sings a song like a bird, i wonder what that hot voice of his can sing in bed"
by pwnage10101 January 02, 2009
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