A nickname for Long Island, New York..Most areas in New YOrk have a nickname and Strong Island is the nickname for that area..
Queens-Cop killa Queens,Q-boro
Long Island-Strong Island
Staten Island-Shaolin
Bronx-Bx,Boogie down
by Marceltheman January 13, 2007
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What people from Long Island, New York call their place of residence. Suggests pride for where they are from.
Yeah, u kno where we from, Strong Island, mofo!
by Primadonna August 11, 2004
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just look up roosevelt long island, or hempstead, thats the hood nigga
strong island aint nuthin to fuck wit, not the hamptons and that tv shit, come see whats been hidden, run through martin luther king drive and youll think you was in athens park bitch nigga, n shit ya draws, you wont say nuthin.
by hustlehod July 28, 2006
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Long Island is suburbia. glen cove, baldwin, rockville centre, valley stream is considered long island, however, Strong Island is considered the hood part of long island. Go through Martin Luther King DR. Go through Terrace Ave. in Hempstead.. Go Through Roosevelt, Nassau Road, Babylon Tpke. the Projects in Freeport.. these are areas u never seen or heard of. and talk that hot shit. you will not make it home. I put that on a stack. Real killaz real guns, real drugz. no rap lyrics. I was born in Brooklyn. i thought it was the suburbs until i was introduced to the hood. Niggaz Aint Playin in Strong island. and yes many niggaz have come from brooklyn & queens talkin the long island shit and got fddduckd up and sent home wit a story for the homies back home....
im from strong island nigga. nassau county nigga, dont go to the county bitch niggaz.
by hustlehod July 28, 2006
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A slang term for Portsmouth & Southsea in the UK. The city of Portsmouth (and the smaller town of Southsea) are in fact on an island, called Portsea Island. The name has been made famous on a range of T-Shirts available in Southsea which have the words "Southsea Bronx - Strong Island" on them.
Out-of-towner: I need somewhere cool to hang out!
Strong Islander: Get down here to the Strong Island and chill!
by mysteryg January 16, 2011
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What people from Long Island call their little island because they think they are "ghetto".
Despite what you may believe, Strong Islanders, people from Brooklyn do not consider you to be their brethren
by Anonymous November 9, 2003
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Strong Island Boys (SIB) were (or still are?) a gang from Long Island that reached their apex in the late 1980's and early 90's. They died down upon the arrival of the Crypts, Bloods, and MS13. The leader of the gang at their height of infamy was "Archie," with his name tattooed on the inside of his Labium inferioris. Just like other gangs, they originated from minority neighborhoods of the region where crime was higher, preying on their recruits from all classes of The Island: wealthy, upper, middle, lower-middle, lower. Again, their initiation wasn't much different from other gangs, as the initiate would get blitzed (or not), then beaten by his boys (and girls) until the pain and damage was rendered as severe ( a sign of the initiate's loyalty)-- or the initiate would be required to perform a serious crime while his boys looked on, such as: slash, beat, taunt a stranger with a weapon or hands, stealing something expensive and that is deemed risky, or harass/molest a female.
Hey, you been to the The Island, you ever seen any of those Strong Island Boys?
by Harry Stotle January 19, 2008
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