hempstead is one of the ghettoist place on earth nigga come down to my projects we hold it down nigga wht wht
hempstead bitoch you will be poped and dropped all at once
by niggawitaattitude March 14, 2005
village of hempstead on long island. contains many bad parts. lots of crime and drugs are in hempstead
hempstead holds it down
by wumaster May 3, 2007
The place where you geta shot.
"In ah' Hempstead, you getta shot"
by Arthur March 12, 2004
The village of Hempstead on Long Island. It is one of the few neighborhoods on Long Island with a black and Latino majority, and borders the towns of Uniondale and Garden City (which is the complete opposite in terms of economic status).

Hempstead is where Hofstra University is located. Famously the birthplace of Prodigy from Mobb Deep.
Rich guy: Hey, I have to drive through Hempstead tonight in my Corvette. Wanna come?

Friend: Not unless you got an army with you.
by pectussian May 10, 2011
A team that gets shit on by Syosset in the playoffs every year
Hempstead just got stomped on by Syosset
by wibd28hsi63 November 5, 2022
A team that gets bitched by Syosset every year in the playoffs
Hempstead is ass at football
by wibd28hsi63 November 5, 2022
This is a dangerous fuckin town outside of Garden City and Rockville Centre. The people who live there are pissed off at Garden City all the time becausr black people choose not to live in our town and they act like its our fault. They arent as wealthy as us but we arent all fuckin spoiled so heres what there is about you. People from hempstead, ny have nothing better to do than:

1) Criticize white people from garden city becuase theyre jealous that we are more fortunate.
2) Do drugs, hang around, commit countless crimes, play basketball, and sit around.

3) extremely over exaggerate the amount of money that garden city people have.
"Yo i was in Hempstead the other day and we did nothing but rob convenience stores and walk around with a basketball and watch garden city kids on there 8 million dolla bikes nigga."
by BackUpGC August 27, 2011