One who presents the first action in trying to stimulate an encounter of somewhat physical nature. FOr instance, the man or woman who presents the hand for the reciprocating slap or likewise, the arms to invite an embrace.
She initiated the hug by opening her arms and smiling at me to come forth.
by Noah March 20, 2003
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Person who belongs to the Divergent Fandom (a fan of The Divergent Series)
"Hey what's your fandom? I'm a Initiate, and you?"
"I'm initiate too."
by Mrs1Divergent April 4, 2015
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When your friends make you do something to be a part of a special club, gang, team, ect.
Gang leader: You must go through initiation before becoming a member.

wanna be gang member: What do I have to do to join this gang?

Gang leader: Rob a gas station at gun point, break in a car and steal shit, and fight our toughest member for 15 min.
by AJ Wahl May 7, 2006
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Having the intelligence to act without the instruction of others.
Fuck it, I'm going. I'm taking initiative.
by Kryptia February 10, 2009
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a practically useless word created to distinguish initials from acronyms.

the word was crafted to ensure that those who do not subscribe to the concept are made to feel ridiculous when they have to ask "what is an initialism?"
Nate: New York was great, we went on a tour of the Yune and met the Secretary-General.

Trav: Nate, it's not called the Yune, it's called the U.N., it's an initialism for United Nations

Nate: Oh.... what the fuck is an initialism?

Trav: You're an idiot everyone knows an initialsm is when you say the letters - like U.N.

Nate: Isn't that basically an acronym?

Trav: No you tool. An acronym is when you make the initials of something into a new word, like NASA. They're two TOTALLY different things.

Sayran: Oh Trav - you're too smart for me!
by just_the_tip April 21, 2010
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An acronym that you say each letter for as opposed to saying it as a word.
USA is an initialism, while NASA is an acronym.
by EndyStar April 14, 2020
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(n) Responding to peer pressure before your peers are there to pressure you.
The chalupa had been in the fridge for several days; Mike took initiative and ate it for lunch.
by jim bob rad September 4, 2009
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