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An affliction experienced by women working in any kind of gentleman's club. Similar to stripper pretty, but sufferers are much more delusional and self-important. The sufferer will think she is the most desirable woman alive, although nothing could be further from the truth! Likely cause of this, is listening to too many desperate customers telling her very exaggerated nonsense. She begins to believe that ALL of it is true. Upon contracting stripperitis, a previously nice thoughtful woman, will become a TOTAL attention whore. She will expect EVERYONE (including other women) to tolerate her narcissistic behavior, mood swings, drama, pleas for money, demands for food and attention, and overall tyrannical childish behavior. She will expect constant ass-kissing, favors, and money, and become enraged if it's not given.
Daniel had me buy her drinks all night, made me carry her bags to the car, then asked me for $500.00 dollars to pay her electric bill. I'm not her boyfriend, or baby's daddy, she definitely has stripperitis.
by pussycontrol November 17, 2009
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