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Strecthgasm is a combination of two words. Strect and Orgasm.
Stretchgasm is the feeling you get if you wake up in the moring and you stretch. You feel go and your muscles get relaxed. It feels like an orgasm but more on the backside.
Stretching for staying in one spot for a long time.

Person: *strecthes*
Person: Damn what a stretchgasm!
by Jet December 13, 2005
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This is when you stretch so good your entire body begins to shakes and you feel like a new and happier person.
"Hey, why are you so happy?"

"OMG I just had a stretchgasm man, such a natural high!"
by Nichole226 November 20, 2013
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a feeling of utter bliss that happens when you're lying on your floor after doing something particularly exerting, when all your muscles relax and you could just pass out right there. similar to a bedgasm, but on the floor. sometimes called floorgasm
girl: "uhngggg...."
guy: "hey, you okay?"
girl: "yeah i'm fine, i'm just having a stretchgasm, don't mind me."
by Dusk. December 24, 2009
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Commonly known as the moment of intense pleasure, either seated or standing, resulting from someone who has been motionless for an extended period of time finally stretches all of his or her muscles simultaneously, resulting in an inadvertently loud sigh of relief or other abnormal vocalization.
Guy: *stretches and makes obnoxious noise*
Girl: "What was that?"
Guy: "We've been sitting here so long I just had a stretchgasm"
by Fooshmow August 16, 2016
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