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A beautiful girl, very unique. Has great style, the envy of everyone. Commonly has long, dark brown hair, and gorgeous speckled eyes. A complete genius when it come to school, and a hottie when it comes to boys.
Boy: Damnnnn, bro. Is it hot in here is it just me?
Other Boy: Oh, that was my girlfriend, Elyse.
by PandaaRanda August 29, 2010
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A beautiful girl with a awesome personality she’s loves to help others a great listener and will help or be there for you in a heartbeat. She is very shy at first until she get used to you. Very good kisser and a great girlfriend always loyal and trustworthy
by UNKNOWN002 March 20, 2018
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The type of girl that wouldn't be afraid to kick you in the face. She is quiet when you meet her but a whole new person when you get to know her. She has an unusual laugh but you'll learn to love it. Shes sporty and competitive, but shes mainly a couch potato.

- Probably loves bubble tea

- Shes a smarty pants
- Shes a monster when shes angry so if she kicks you in the ass don't be surprised
- Probably Hyunjin stan
- Usually a May- Baby
- That person always trying to do Australian accents

- Falls in love easily. Very easily
"Oh her laugh is hilarious, must be a Elyse"
"NeighhhhH I'm Elyse"
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by 123Horsey June 11, 2019
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known for being sexy, hot, and amazing at everything. Some would say that they are without a doubt the coolest beings on this planet
"Have you seen Nick Jonas? He looks so elyse today!!"
by LAURA:) May 17, 2008
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A girl who is zany, spastic and a little slow, but extremely intelligent, knows how to hold her liquor and will do some major ass-kicking if provoked.

also, her breasts are often compared to the size of huge grapefruits and with the curves men dream of.
Elyse's breasts are like the produce section all over again....melons!
by twisted-freakshow July 06, 2010
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An amazing girl who deserves the entire world,

Commonly seen as a genius, but people underestimate her due to her beauty.

Speaking of her beauty, it is unable to be compared to that of other girls. Her eyes may be a deep blue, reminiscent of the ocean. Even looking at her eyes makes you feel like you could get lost in them. Her personality is spunky and silly, and you will end up falling in love with her contagious laugh.
1: Wow, she's amazing, what's her name?

2: Elyse
by Alli Luna December 02, 2017
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a great girl who is unique,amazing,gorgeous and athletic. she got's a creepy side and LOVES creepy things she got a couple of great friends.she has dark curly and deep brown eye.
Elyse is so creepy but unique
by lovely rose September 24, 2018
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