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The act of masturbating in order to alleviate stress. Normally, stressturbating is directly influenced by a recent event or action which has caused one great stress.

i.e. Heavy schoolwork, a crap job, relationship troubles
Guy 1: "God damn I had so much work today. Stressturbating never felt so great"

Guy 2: "Yeah, I know what you mean. I sressturbated 3 times the other day. It's like all my troubles had vanished"

Guy 1: "I love to stressturbate"

Guy 2: "Me too, me too"
by goldie911 September 10, 2013
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Masturbation or masturbatory habits not related to overall horniness, but rather caused by, or in response to a stressful situation or stimulus.

Stressturbating when used in the present tense, Stressturbated when used in the future tense
With finals week fast approaching, and no chicks in sight, Phil decided to Stressturbate before studying for his math exam.

After a long day at work, Nancy planned to Stressturbate when she got home.
by MK1996 August 14, 2016
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