One of the best reasons to own a SEGA Genesis. A beat-em-up game that was SEGA's answer to Final Fight. Streets of rage featured three main characters Axel Stone, Blaze Fielding, and Adam Turner, all three of them ex-cops, beating the crap out of thugs and ninjas who work for a crime-lord called Mr. X and his right-hand man called Shiva. In the second and third sequels, Adam Turner is replaced by his kid brother Skate Turner, and two extra characters, Max Thunder and Dr. Zan, join in the party.
The best game of the series is Streets of Rage 2.
by AYB June 12, 2003
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Side scrolling beat em up manufactured for the sega megadrive/ sega genesis in the early 90's. Smooth and original gameplay made the game such a hit that a sequel was made, which was even better. There was a third game made, which had more moves availiable, but it wasn't anywhere near as popular as the first two.
Every time I faced the Mona & Lisa bosses in SOR I lost about five lives because I couldn't hit them. It was several years after first playing the game for the first time before i realised that I should stand with my back to them and press B and C buttons together to backkick when they approach. Saves me a few police cars.
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The game that brought the ghetto experience to the SEGA Genesis. The gameplay also has tons of replay value, and the sprites look almost like those of an arcade game.
The Streets of Rage soundtracks are some of the best you'll ever hear on a Genesis. (Except for Rage 3, because the techno music sucked.)
by Segata's ghost November 7, 2003
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Featured an evil ninja called Shiva, which was playable on SOR3.

Shiva was the strongest character in the game you could play as by a long shot, and the coolest.
Shiva slaughtered the punk with his 'Final Crash' move.
by General Havoc July 18, 2003
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the ultimate beat-em-up. possibly a fourth for the PS2 or xbox soon.
shit! here comes the police car!
by teevee June 9, 2003
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when you star braying player 2 in co op levels because its more fun to kill each other than it is to play the game properly
stop it, youve got streets of rage syndrome you have
by jack johnjackson August 31, 2006
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