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describing a state of being high/intoxicated (usually from a "controlled" substance)
rufus said that he got majorly strato after smoking that killer weed
by bonzai March 25, 2004
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A European Greek God. Tends to use his "european-ness" to his advantage when wooing women. Not uncommon for a Stratos to display hairy chest, designer duds, and man bags. What he lacks in intelligence he more than makes up for in suave-ness.
Look at that damn stratos at the bar getting all those digits!
by akg45 October 24, 2005
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Stratos, a greek guy name. This guy can tend to be mean, rude and disrespectful but in reality he’s just kidding. He’s a guy any girl would want. He has his soft side AND his “idgaf about you” side too. Dont worry, he does care about you he’s just in his own little moment. Dont be scared to tell him how you feel if you like him. Its okay, he’s not a mean person.
Girl (1): “Omg Hannah!!!! I think i like this Stratos guy....”
Girl (2): “what?! Marissa!!! i like him too!!”
Girl (3): “Hannah, Marissa? are you ladies talking about my crush, Stratos?”
Girl (1): “Wait, Layla, you like him too?!!!!”
Girl (3): “GIRLLLLLLLLS!! He’s mine”
All: “ughhhh
by Nadine Isabella Travis January 20, 2019
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Cool, awesome, chill
Like the word stratosphere, being near it means you are closer to the top of the biodome; high above others
"Looking at the stars? That's pretty strato dude."
by aaayyyeeeyyyooo November 17, 2016
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