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A bland, flat, dusty, cow-shit smelling city in North West Texas(aka; middlie of fucking nowhere) that is chock full of ignorant, huge truck driving redneck morons, white trash, job stealing illegal immigrants, meth addicts, alcohoics, felons, users, abusers, and general human slime. It has unbearable heat in summer, unbearable cold in winter, a constant 30mph wind, dust storms, tornadoes, and drought. The worst roads of any U.S. city, no lakes or rivers, no wild flowers, no trees. It's 500 miles from anything that matters. Has no pro or college sports teams. The worst drivers God ever created and the most ass backwards fucking people in the world.
Hey, do you believe evil people go to hell when the die?
Even worse...I believe they have to spend eternity in Amarillo.
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by foolmoon70 August 24, 2017
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A city in north Texas its kinda small but its NOT one of those places where everybody knows everybody main thing its kinda boring but most of the time u can find sumthin to do
Jan : did u know that Oparah came to Amarillo?
Jan: yea she did!!!!!
by Dat_Fr3$h_Gurl December 11, 2005
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