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Someone that follows the rules to the extent that they miss out on all the fun.
A straight-laced person always hands in projects on time, never goes out of the house past 9:00pm, and goes to old distant relatives' weddings when they could be out partying.
by Kind of Spades February 03, 2011
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The only so called "Oi!" band in Louisville. They sing about being drunk, the oppression that is cast upon the working class, and are somehow are able to throw in a few too many "oi oi oi!'s" in the middle of all their useless ramble.
-Oh shit, those boys from Straight Laced tagged my store front again.
-They suck.
by cokehead0975834 August 08, 2006
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What celibate non drinkers/smokers/drug takers used to be called before the straight edge scene came along and made the stuck up tossers feel EVEN more high and mighty.
Guy1: Yo i got dizz for the club shall we bring Becky and try and get a threesome going?
Girl: Nah shes properly straight laced she wont be up for that
Guy: deep
by thefuckisapseudonym? March 05, 2012
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