To be completely serious; not joking.
Suzie: You don't have an ass.
Sally: Stop lying.
Suzie: I'm dead serious.
by BellaW January 4, 2009
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To be completely serious; not joking.
Suzie: Matthew likes you.
Sarah: Stop joking around, that's not funny.
Suzie: I'm dead serious.
by BellaW December 26, 2008
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The ancient pact that unifies truth from brother to brother allowing the validity of a statement to be unquestioned.
PERSON 1 :"Dude, I just sharded all over myself!"

PERSON 2 : "No Lie Dead Serious?"

PERSON 1 : "Dude, No Lie Dead Serious!"
by Honz and Hanz March 9, 2009
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The most coveted hoody in history

First exposed to the public when Kanye West rocked the sample at a Stela McCartney fashion show the hype has just kept building.

Trust me this is the closest thing to crack the streetwear industry has ever produced, and leave it to LRG to once again break new ground.

The details are sick, a glow in the dark anatomically correct skeleton printed on the back and the front, covered by the rib cage is a broken heart with subtle repeat stenciling that says rotten, just like you to the core. But nothing tops the full zip hoody, with mesh eye holes so you can rock the full skull head and still not bump into walls. And check the gold fronts skeletor has nothing on this dude!
damn that lrg dead serious hoody a scary good lookin hoodie i'm dead serious
by rjizzle22 May 18, 2008
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