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The act of consuming large amounts of Guinness or other fine Irish stout beers, while in doing so maintaining a generally unkempt - some might call this stoutly - appearance and attempting to attract and appropriate as many woman with a similarly stoutly look. These women are in most cases considered stouts, excessively busty or undesirable, however when stouting are prime capital. Any man (or the occasional woman) who participates in stouting would do well to not shave in the 48 hours leading up to the stout, not shower the day of and attempt to maintain and cultivate his stoutly appears in any way possible (search 'stoutly' for a description of what you want to look like/be). While this practice by definition originated abroad, it is intended to be a tribute to Ireland and Irish culture and with this in mind, it is recommended though not mandatory to wear or carry Irish-linked paraphernalia. Can be practiced on St. Patrick's day, however given the nature of stouting and the likelihood that you or a friend has unwittingly participated in stouting, it is fair to say any day should produce a fine stout.

To add, one must declare an evening of stouting prior to the appropriation of his first stout, and if he does not, the act will fall into the category of 'mistake' or 'she over powered me, there was nothing I could do'.
Joe: Hey Jim, what are you doing this St. Patrick's day?

Jim: Those Irish guys from our pub are taking me stouting, you should come.

Joe: No thanks, I had an accidental stout a couple months ago that I'm still recovering from.
by stoutmaster1 March 18, 2010
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