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Frank Costanza's "move", which he claims to have used on Estelle Costanza circa 1955.

It involves the driver hitting the brakes in a moving vehicle, suddenly (stopping-short), and throwing out the hand closest to the front seat passenger's chest, as to stop them from being hurled towards the dashboard; inadvertently, groping the passenger's chest in the process.
Frank: "I used it on Estelle 40 years ago. I told EVERYBODY about it, everybody knows - *HMPH* - I stop short!"

Jerry: "Really..? 'Stopping short' - that's a good move..."

Frank: "You're not kidding it's a good move!"
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by Tunachipz July 28, 2019

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A global release of pent up sexual depravity, immediately following large scale quarantine.
"Sheesh, John is working out a lot during this quarantine."

"Yea cis, he's getting jacked up for the athotcalypse"
by Tunachipz April 14, 2020

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Pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty good pretty good.
Larry: Good. Pretty good. Pretty prettay prettay prettay pretty good, pretty good.
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by Tunachipz June 06, 2019

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