v. To doggedly block someone's progress. Originally derived from the nickname a Confederate general "Stonewall" Jackson obtained at the battle of Bull Run (1st or second, i don't recall). The troops said his men were holding back the Union army like a stone wall. Hence Stonewall Jackson. So to stonewall means to delay and generally block someone.
I tried to file my claim, but the insurance agent kept stonewalling.
by blueagave March 22, 2006
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v. the act of a group of guys sitting around a table and a girl beneath the table giving one of the guys head. The guys then have to guess which one is getting head while all keep a straight face.
The seniors and the one freshman decided to play stonewall, aka the most fun game known to man.
by lovedasouth April 3, 2008
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v. When you're texting/messaging someone and he or she suddenly stops replying mid-conversation without any warning. Generally a tactic used by girls to make themselves appear more elusive and desirous to the guys she is texting/messaging. The goal would be for the party who is building the stonewall to gain a better idea of how interested the stonewalled party is in him/her.

The idea being that the person is putting up a "stone wall" and impeding your progress in the conversation, and as you cannot see over the side of the wall, you have no idea why it is there. If you try to "climb the wall" to figure it out, then the other party will know your level of interest.
Bro 1: "Yo, how's Wendy?"
Bro 2: "Have no idea, we were texting all day Wednesday and she stonewalled me out of nowhere."
Bro 1: "Have you tried texting her agian? I mean it's been 4 days."
Bro 2: "If I do, then she'll know I'm into her."
Bro 1: "True. Just wait it out, don't fall for the tactic."
by Del Pasta October 18, 2013
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1) "Stonewall" Jackson

2) Formerly a mafia-run gay bar the is famous for the riots that took place in 1969.

3) Short for the Stonewall riots, which occured in 1969 and helped to shape the modern GLBT rights movement.
1)Stonewall Jackson was known for military ability.

2)The Stonewall really wasn't the greatest place unless you didn't mind the mafia.

3)Stonewall helped the gays rights movement get recognized.
by KikiAbbottWoolf May 13, 2006
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When you have a one-night stand with a girl, then a week later, pass her on the street and she completely ignores you, despite promising that she would call you back.
Man, I got stonewalled by this chick at a party tonight
by anonymous November 30, 2004
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When someone acts as if a statement is a truth, when it is in fact completely made up.
Friend 1: Hey, that's the Stonewall Jackson statue.

Friend 2 & 3: Yeah, yeah it is.

(Upon viewing said statue, it is actually George Washington)
by The Charleston Three November 22, 2013
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A thing that is very tough or durable

Second meaning:

A brilliant leader or commander that shows tactical genius

Third meaning

Once you've lost so bad it is called a stonewall

Loss or pretiosi cladem which is latin for costly loss
What a stonewall:

Remarking signs of a stonewall :
by Yale historian March 18, 2021
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