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A made-up (as far as I know) and also possibly temporary (depending on your decisions, once you get it) illness that you can get from being around stoners too much or possibly, even just getting touched, talked to, etc. by one where you also become a stoner yourself just from the influence of being around/touched/talked to by one or a group of them. It is usually just used jokingly to make fun of unwanted stoner people that are around you to make it known that they are not welcome around you.
*a stoner, still within earshot, almost touches you* "Woah, that was a close one! That stoner over there almost toched me. I could have gotten stoneritis. We gotta find somewhere else to hang out." (said to a friend)

"She's totally got stoneritis from hanging out with those stoner idiots all the time. That's why I just stay away from her. I don't want to get it too."
by Mikey_Mausoleum January 14, 2010
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a condition in which a person no longer wants to hang out with someone unless they have marijuana with them
person 1: Wanna hang?
person 2: Sure, you got gas?
person 1: nah
person 2: never mind then.

person 1: man you got a major case of stoneritis!
by okLittiLko May 20, 2017
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