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when your talking to someone and you trail off into a convorsation that has nothing to do with what your talking about.. but then you eventually get back to what you wanted to talk about the first time
dave: yea so i found this tv in the dumpster and then i saw this bum
jesse: it would suck to be a bum, like no money and stuff
dave: no money for weed bro that sucks
jesse: yea tough times.. thats why i need a job
dave: yea im gettin a job this summer, feeding hedgehogs
jesse: oh man i remeber when i was little i was playin sonic and my mom unplugged the tv outta no where
dave: yea that tv i found in the dumpster only comes in black and white

a shortend-simplefied version of a stoner moment..
by dwarfae May 04, 2006
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The times when smoking weed your brain seems to freeze, for an undefined amount of time.
It all goes quiet in the room, blank faces every where, yup its a stoner moment.
by Holisticstoner January 30, 2004
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When you are having a conversation, or in a situation, and you completely forget a major part of what you were going to say or do.
"I was talking to Carol on the phone, right? And while we were chatting, she was re-dressing Jeremy's wounds. I'm so glad he's out of the... uh... fuck. HOSPITAL! He's out of the hospital. Sorry. Stoner moment."
by afallenmind January 20, 2015
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1) a regular moment (can be a certain day or time) in a group of friends to get high.

2) A moment in a stoner movie (such as harold & kumar) when the characters in the movie get high. often, the stoner audience pauses the movie at that moment, and gets high themselves
1) dude, 4:20 is the stoner moment!

2) harold and kumar are smoking weed! let's do the same.
by that dude, dude November 10, 2009
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