Possibly one of the best STONER flicks beause it just so absolutley true!
We're so high right now, we're not low......
by Chris Chester Kumar Shibby February 28, 2005
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Harold and Kumar is a very halarious movie espeacially when you are smokin'. In the movie Kumar gets a quater of Durban and he hides it in his M CATZ book. It turns out at the end that they get a whole pound from Bradley.
At night i smoke while watching Harold and Kumar smoke too. If i saw the movie sober i would just want to smoke and not watch that movie sober ever again.
by scott osbourne February 18, 2005
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v. - To be baked off your rocker and do anything you can to get the munchies you need.
Dave and I totally harold and kumar'd our way to Dairy Queen, Circle K, and Walgreens just for our munchies. On the way home we were so on downer.
by joey j September 4, 2005
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Two useless pot-smoking hippies from a movie as shitty as "Half-baked" and "The Big Lebowski"
All my friends hate goddamn pussy potheads like Harold and Kumar because they waste their hollow lives with absolutely nothing to show for all their empty days except electroencephalograms full of dark spots. Fuck!
by Hanz Von Steiner March 26, 2005
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A brown person and asian person hanging out together. Don't necessarily have to be stoners but it doesn't hurt if the duo actually are.
Sing and Ho : What you wanna do today go to whitecastle?

Random Bystander: (Speaking in gay lisp) OMG! You guys are sooo Harold and Kumar.
by Caucasian4567 May 6, 2009
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Doing a chick in the ass while she eats a White Castle Burger then pulling ur dick out and wiping it on her burger and saying "Thats how NPH rolls!"
White Castle sucks balls. They need shit on their burgers to taste better. Improve the taste of their burgers with a Dirty Harold and Kumar.
by ~Valhalla~ February 16, 2007
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