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A wedgie.
We gave the stupid little freshman a wedgie after he asked us where the elevator was.
by Popsicle May 18, 2004
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After a girl receives anal, she stands over the guy, lets out anything and everything in her ass over him, and yells "Auk! Auk!" like some big ole' crazy bird
"Jill straddled Jack, squatted over his face, and let out a great big aukey all over him, ruining the sheets in the process."
by Popsicle August 10, 2004
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A small and curious fellow who constantly tries to be taller. But is still missed if other people fail to look down at the creature bouncing up and down.
Ooh, Christ, I nearly tripped straight over that Jermy. If I hadn't looked down...?
by Popsicle June 18, 2004
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Used to describe something utterly amazing, or "leet" as some might say.
"Have you played Initial D?"
"Yeah, that game's pretty G-Pocky."
by Popsicle October 04, 2003
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Upset stomach, contracted form of "stomach ache"
You can't sit on my lap, pet, I have a stomache.
by Popsicle August 03, 2004
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