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adjective-to be "stod"

the level of drunkenness that sits one below the level that is death.
stod scale:
1-5= cant spell
6-10= cant walk
11-15= cant form simple sentences

16-20= cant do the "hang loose" sign with your hands
21 and above= death
"dude what happend to randy last night?"
" he was soooo stod. I hope he's not dead"
by sasquatch09 May 26, 2009
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Otherwise known as 'goonie' 'bod' or occasionally 'Kilday', a Stod is a demon with eyes on stalks and grey straggly hair found mainly in hospys, KFC and sweet shops.
Oh yey, he's syuch a good goonie and a bit of a stod.
by John Kilday August 03, 2003
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