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A person whom is likable but also an oddball, outcast, nerd, dork and/or weirdo, who are often are seen in and part of a group of other "Goonies". Likable but can agitate just as easily.
"Frank is so damn weird... well, now that I think about it, he's not THAT bad. He' kinda seems like a goonie to be honest"
by lhbrown1990 November 29, 2016
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Everyone looking up this word saw the 1985 movie, The Goonies, and is curious as to what exactly 'Goonie' means.

If you paid attention to the movie they are being evicted from their neighborhood. OK, you all know that. But they reference it as the 'Goon Docks'. It's just the area of Astoria, Oregon where they live. Mouth mentions this clearly in the movie at the beginning before they go on their underground adventure treasure-seeking for One-Eyed Willy's rumored 'rich stuff'.

It's obvious the word means nothing other than a sland term for THEM to denote a local resident of the Goon Docks. And they did live right on the water, hence the 'Docks' part. But in any case, A Goonie is just a local from the Goon Dock neighbirhood of their town - Astoria.
He's from the Goon Docks, so he's a goonie like us.
by Eighties Child December 01, 2009
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Quite obviously it derives from the popular eighties film the ‘Goonies’ one of the few decent american words that translate to ‘geek’ or some sort of ‘dweeb/outcast’
Dude what a goonie you are, crumpets go best with butter not marg.
by guest1984 July 22, 2005
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Goonie Is a new social class for all of us who cant find what we are. Goonie can be a mix of geek and prep, geek and punk. In short where the outcast of the outcast. Goonie is far from Emo and Gothic. If you find your self being outcasted because you are a geek, punk, prep combianed into one person then you are a Goonie.
{Goonie} you are goonie if you enjoy fantasy, scfi, science, art and history. Goonies can dress punk, prep and/or geek.
by Ace Aj December 26, 2005
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a goon sack! cheap caste wine thats about $10 for 5 litres, teenagers drink it (esspecially in australia) because its cheap and gets you absolutly paro
hey lets go get a goonie and drink it in a park
by 123goongirl123 June 29, 2006
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