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a place located in nor cal. (caution: more dangerous than la and oakland put together.)
"yo dawg, them niggas ruff down thurr in stocktown!"
by iAm fOe sHo June 16, 2003
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Smaller version of Fresno, but equally as hard. However filled with thugs that it is, it still seems to have the mystique of cultured life.
by Anonymous June 26, 2003
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Representing the Nor-Cal. Ghetto like Fresno, but smaller (still equally hard-core, if not more). Do not get stuck walking the streets alone.
-Pouring in traffic from people moving from Bay Area to the valley.
-Party's at Krispy Cream and In&Out.
-flow battles on every corner
-24hr grocery shopping at Winco
-popular coffee shop hangouts.
by Rbillabenizzy June 20, 2003
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A suburban city in Central California. There is much culture for a little city. There are notorious crimes but still a very nice place to live, except in the South parts and off of some projects near west march lane.
by BayAreakiller, March 14, 2005
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THe place where all the ghettos get hella hyphy no long lines at barnes and nizzo(wait who the hell says barnes and nizzo) we dont party at crispy cream at in-n-out no cows surrounding us march lane is not ghetto (they do got sum sick parties) most definitions are wack we go dumb and get hella hyphy at licoln our schools are hella ghetto(expect st mary's) they are a bunch of preppy as bitches whites are minority but they still go dumb hella crazy ass asians with their samurai swords no pro teams again hell asians but they still goin dumb NO NIZZO dude we still got hella asiains we dont like them that much but they here they travel in packs they come out of windows and houses locked doors and then they multiply watch out for them dam asians out here man they kill you (probably for sayin nizzo) dont get caught late at night by urself niggas watch out. We go dumb out her e in stocktown.
WE GO BUMB in stocktown
SEE hyphy thats us
we fuckin crazy out here
hella asians
u gotta understand we got hella asians
no nizzo thats just straight wack
we go dumb with our
by anynomas June 12, 2007
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crime ridden town located south of californias capitol city. A city with a bad reputation due to hard living;
-long lines at star bucks
-no seats available at Barnez and Nizzo
-walmart be packed 24/7
Stocktown be having too many Ferraris that be cutting me off yo.
by MaSV June 17, 2003
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1)A piece of shit ghetto located just south of Sacramento and surrounded by cows. Nothing happens outside of criminal activity.
2) The armpit of California. Never live here.
by The Mute June 25, 2003
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