German: Wenn du bereit bist für eine Sache! Am Start für etwas...

English: If you're ready for take off or to get ready for a thing! start=stizzle
Person am stizzle!
(Can't give an English example for this word! Sorry!)
by rawraw November 5, 2003
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originally from ciggarette
or Stoge (Stoe-g) "Lets go smoke a stoge" (Lets go smoke a stizzle) or steezy or stizz.
Lets go smoke a stizzle my nizzle

I only have 1 stizzle left and im going to phinurb that to the dome.
by Louis December 10, 2004
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can normally be found in the barn getting his dick steamed or jerking it to a briggs and stratton motor
stizzle went to the steam museam to get his dick steamed
by big nasty August 4, 2004
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An alternate name for sticks, commonly used in reference to the prescription pill, xanax.
Yo, you got any stizzles? Im trying to get fucked up tonight.
by THE EVIL GENIUS METHOD April 21, 2010
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Pussy bitch that always tries to bully friends because he is a overgrown goofball with low self-esteem.
Man, Stizzle is a huge cockface
by Yaboigary June 27, 2020
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A deviation from the street term "Sticks" for Xanax.
Yo Bro, pop a stizzle and gulp down dat' forty.
by Stick.e May 21, 2008
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