A set up, a trick. If someone stitches you up, then they're playing you for a fool. It's often used when framing someone for a crime.
"I don't believe it, Dave! I was at home all night, I swear! I'm being stitched up!"
by Iain Cooper January 26, 2004
To utterly drop one of your mates into a situation they can't handle without great embarassment and personal liability. (by telling the truth or just blatantly lying)
Steve Totally stitched me up by shouting out I was molesting him on the train.
by J-san January 27, 2004
1. 1. To bring about and leave someone in a position that they find difficult, or impossible, to extricate themselves from.

2. To repair something through the use of a needle and thread.
1. Not removing Sadam Hussein from Iraq the first time stitched up the people who rebelled against him hoping to be supported by the "Allies".

2. After I got hit by a brick, the nurse stitched up the wound.
by wise_newol January 28, 2004
"L. Bob Rife was interested in cosmic exploration mostly because his media empire had the earth pretty well stitched up."
by ryon January 30, 2004
What one does before a night out on the town. Dressing for the occasion..stitch up..get dressed.
Yo, Tyrone you slack ass bitch. Stitch up and lets book.
by dvb911 August 18, 2004
Stitched up: Being lied to or mistreated, being told something by someone and they do the opposite of what they told you.
Person A: I got Stitched up by my friends
Person B: How?
Person A: I invited loads of my friends over to my house and it's been an hour an they haven't shown up. So I asked them where they were and they'd invited loads more people to their house.
by Princess Shalorflorf December 4, 2016
An Australian term for when someone just barely salvages an otherwise bad situation
Jake "My card wouldn't process when i was paying for a $20 already made Subway meal and the bloke behind the counter was getting real pissed but then Derick paid for it"

Jeff "What a fucking Stitch Up"
by Gzoom December 11, 2018