To become extremely intoxicated to the point where one unconsciously vomits and defecates on his or her self.
Tim: no way! He Rifed himself!
by Bkiss04 June 10, 2020
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Mostly used to describe or express one's mental and/or physical state of fatigue or high intoxication usually after substantial drug and alcohol abuse.
Also sometimes used to a long and daunting journey, ( That will be a rife walk ) or how bad a situation is, and how busy somewhere may be ( This place is rife with idiots ) usually in derogatory context.
This is most commonly shout in a high howl like voice with the word being dragged out much like a wolf call.
The use of this word in this way originated in paisley, where all of the place is believed to be so rife.
I have not slept in 4 days, I am so rife
by A rife man May 13, 2011
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loaded with; having a buttload of
man #1: jsto is totally rife with the awesome !
man #2: dude, i'm all up wit dat shizzit...
by Dr.C May 28, 2005
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Past tense verb of RIF. To lose one's job due to staff reduction, not necessarily due to performance or interpersonal problems.

My buddy and his department were RIFed today.
by stienman April 28, 2006
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someting minging, wrong, disgusting, horrible or ugly.
Urrrgh seen her new bag?
That is rife.
by Soffy February 3, 2008
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1. a project car that sucks up all your money, bruises your ego, challenges your commitment and injures you both physically and mentally; but you stick with it and love it to death.
2. a linguistic blend of the words ride and wife.

Origin: 2007; NJTuners
"I'd like you to meet my rife." *press garage door opener*
by CaysE January 25, 2008
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when an emotion or event repeatedly occurs in a short amount of time. also if a certain action is repeated by lots of different people. can be used in conjunction with anything, but most popularly used with faginnery.
"happy slap is rife!"
"laughter is rife at wally station tonight!" "OMG you've been fagined!" "Faginnery is rife"
by bumpaclot_standard May 1, 2005
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