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To become extremely intoxicated to the point where one unconsciously vomits and defecates on his or her self.
Tim: no way! He Rifed himself!
by Bkiss04 June 09, 2020
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the act of texting people while you are pooping
ex. (talking to a friend on fbook chat)

person 1: hey man whats going on tonight
person 2: i gotta go to the bathroom il poopt you


person 1: whatsup man what are you doing?
person 2: poopting you
by mr.poopter January 26, 2011
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loaded with; having a buttload of
man #1: jsto is totally rife with the awesome !
man #2: dude, i'm all up wit dat shizzit...
by Dr.C May 28, 2005
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a tall, brown haired girl, who loves to be in style and is a good match if you want her.
Man! This girl is a total rives!
by Anonymous June 02, 2003
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Mostly used to describe or express one's mental and/or physical state of fatigue or high intoxication usually after substantial drug and alcohol abuse.
Also sometimes used to a long and daunting journey, ( That will be a rife walk ) or how bad a situation is, and how busy somewhere may be ( This place is rife with idiots ) usually in derogatory context.
This is most commonly shout in a high howl like voice with the word being dragged out much like a wolf call.
The use of this word in this way originated in paisley, where all of the place is believed to be so rife.
I have not slept in 4 days, I am so rife
by A rife man May 12, 2011
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someting minging, wrong, disgusting, horrible or ugly.
Urrrgh seen her new bag?
That is rife.
by Soffy February 03, 2008
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1. a project car that sucks up all your money, bruises your ego, challenges your commitment and injures you both physically and mentally; but you stick with it and love it to death.
2. a linguistic blend of the words ride and wife.

Origin: 2007; NJTuners
"I'd like you to meet my rife." *press garage door opener*
by CaysE January 24, 2008
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