distraught due to prolonged confinement
Lenny was going stir-crazy after being confined to his room for 2 days.
by Alden Myrerin April 19, 2005
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suffering from the mental effects of being confined for too long (probably from stir, prison)
After being indoors all day long to avoid the weather, I was going stir-crazy.
by The Return of Light Joker December 6, 2007
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when you go nuts from sitting in one place too long, like when you get fidgety at the end of a 3 hour lecture. charicterized by repeating the same task over and over, fussing over everything, and percieving the clock as moving in slow motion.
i cant take this anymore, the class is another 10 minutes to go. I'm going stir crazy!
by maxzilla April 12, 2005
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how you feel when a girl on web cam grinds her hips
kendra!!she sits there grinding her hips and driving me stir crazy!!
by pussy bee October 26, 2019
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stir crazy / stur crazy:

Fits of soul-sucking boredom often accumulated with those who do not have a life. See: internet and porn.

'I'm going stir crazy at home, man.'
by I AM BOB! April 20, 2009
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having to sit through syriana, a pretentious hollywood flik.
today i went stir crazy in the movie theatre when I saw syriana so I went to the bathroom to cool off, however I missed the last 25 minutes which may have actually been interesting. Make sure to take a heavy dosage of aderall before you see syriana
by my humps December 31, 2005
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A giant mix of pure crazy, that's too much crazy for even bat shit crazy to define.
Person A: Susan from accounting said I ate her , but I didn't.
Person B: Susan from accounting is stir fry crazy, what do you expect.
by ProbablyInsane November 3, 2018
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