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(adj.) A description for a female who is so tall as to look like someone on stilts, but is still very sexy.
John: My God, Mary! You're so stexy now that you grew taller and got boob implants!
by Anonymous April 12, 2004
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Short fan term for Starlight Express Fan-art that focuses mainly on the theme of sexuality. Starlight Express is a extremely popular musical by Andrew Lyodd Webber (Cats, Evita, Phantom...etc) It started in the early 80's on Broadway and in London. Since it has had several U.S. tours and performances world wide. The internationally accepted Urban term "stexy" emerged from the musicals rabid fandom. The term came to mean: "Starlight Express sexy" The shortened form of Starlight Express "stex" and the end part of Sexy "exy". The word can be seen used frequently on forums, and in chartrooms where the fandom resides, and is even now a common theater term for "sexy fan art from musicals"
Recently the word has become even more common place in street slang amung cos-play fans and Gothic Lolita fans who cherish musicals as an artistic inspiration.
Bob:"Come look at my fan art, I drew some Stexy stuff."
Jill:"Electra and his components are just so Stexy."
Bob:"Purse is always Stexy,."
by rollerboyjeremy September 14, 2007
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