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A woman with magnificent beauty. Has a great sense of humor. Cute and very likeable and friendly. She puts others before herself and she is fearless. She is always happy but she would definitely refuse to open up. She looks innocent outside but is kinda a rebel inside..
A = Dude, she's the most beautiful girl I've ever met
B= She's definitely an Electra
by Under the seaa May 09, 2018
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a beautiful dazzling sweet and intelligent women who has a big ass and a big heart she will take care of you when in need of a friend and will never hesitate when you ask for help
Boy 1: "omg there was this girl oh she was so beautiful and intelligent she helped me this morning with my car."
Boy 2: "she's gotta be an electra!"
by just wow June 08, 2015
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Mr gauthiers car. Despite all indications that it is a Hyundai Elantra, you cants say dat! Not to be confused with the Buick Electra, this "electra" looks exactly like the Hyundai Elentra, including the same engine, the same design, and it even says "Elantra" on the back side. The Electra can be seen cruising the heast end and whoreleonswith the wife and the kid
"We drove our electra uptown lass fries day to see the guy, but it was a dimanche so nobodies was there.
by Bev Hughes December 13, 2004
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Someone who lacks a dick so she feels like she needs to suck on one to have a dick of her own.
Electra came around again!
I know! It was one of the best Electras we've ever had!
by Leenoy October 24, 2018
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