biggest band that no ones ever heard of
“Have you heard of 5sos”

Urm no, sing one of their songs”

She looks so perfect standing there–

by Itsnotholliec January 5, 2020
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5sos, or 5 Seconds of Summer.
You mean those 4 delicious, tall, talented, sex gods?

Yep they are so hot

Do you realise how hot they are

5sos ayo
by GallchobhairJ January 28, 2015
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An amazing Australian band that plays pop-rock music. The full name of the band is 5 seconds of Summer but they are known as 5sos. It consists of Calum Thomas Hood, Luke Robert Hemmings, Michael Gordon Clifford, and Ashton Fletcher Irwin. This band is NOT A BOYBAND (if you think they are search up the definition of a boyband.) All four of the boys in the band are cute, adorable, and nice. They love their fans to death, and they never let the fame change them. They've been nice lads since the beginning and they still are. They're one of the most loved and popular bands ever!!!
Hey, have you heart of 5sos?

Yeah, aren't they the ones who sang the song She Looks So Perfect (slsp)?
by 5soser May 28, 2015
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world's most unrecognized band
have you heard of 5sos?
no who even is that
*youngblood starts playing*
ohhh that band, yeah they're really good
by oldmebutnotlftv April 13, 2021
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A band from Australia who enjoys teasing their fans and seeing them go crazy
"Lol 5sos got us all hyped for nothing"
"Yeah, isn't 5sos the band who enjoys seeing their fans go crazy over nothing?"
by haileym_j February 19, 2018
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5 Seconds of summer (5SOS) is an australian pop-punk band (not a pop, punk, heavy, opera or boyband) of 4 guys, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin and Luke Hemmings (ketchup is important too tbh). They started with videos on youtube and then One Direction saw them, later they were the opening act of 1D at one of their tours (sorry idk which), they have grow up in talent and soul, now they aren't kids and they make the music they love. If you don't like 5sos please don't be annoying with them, If you like 5sos but no 1D please don't be annoying with 1D(i don't like 1D but I respect them) and if you don't like the bands they listen please don't be annoying ok bye.
5sos fam is bc family ok
by hi_idi0t December 10, 2015
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Shortcut for 5 Seconds Of Summer, Australian boyband.
Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford.
by Directioner5sos June 27, 2013
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