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A very daring sex move; occurs when a male receives oral sex and fails to notify his partner of his impending orgasm, during the course of his shenanigans, the male discretely pulls out a happy birthday hat, confetti, and noisemaker. At climax the male then proceeds to blow into the noisemaker, aim his load on his partner's face, yell surprise and throw the confetti in the air. You get extra points if you get the confetti to stay on your partner's face with your splooge glue.
The other day while Joe and I were ramming I got a Surprise Birthday Party !
by B.Malones February 10, 2008
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The act of presenting both points of view in regards to a problem or controversial issue.

Aside from the first few seasons, South Park episodes can be called In Stereo.

"I love old South Park episodes, but I also love how the new South Park episodes are In Stereo."
by B.Malones September 11, 2008
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