When you are absolutely wasted and just plain out of it, usually due to beer,

you will be hyperactive.
Wow I woz well steamin last nite, got proper wasted
by BaileyUK June 23, 2004
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when you see a really hot chick, this is what you yell at her.
Damn, whats up steamin!
by Adam Leishman August 19, 2007
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To cruise on wave.
Did you see Kyle steamin down that wave on his way to the green room.
by dirty nibbler April 15, 2010
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Covert flatulence. Undercover gas. A secret fart.
"So there I was, having dinner at The White House, steamin' the beans."

"The party goers were curious about the smell. It was clear that someone was steamin' the beans."

"Lawrence accused Edo of steamin' the beans... for the third time that hour."

by Beat Royalty September 24, 2008
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The act of dropping a deuce in an unsuspecting victim's coffee maker, filling it with water and running it through the shit filled filter. Results in a terribly bad smelling full brewed pot of hot diarrhea. The overwhelming smell of the cooking shit fills any sized room and usually induces uncontrolled vomiting and dry heaving.
When I cranked the heat to 100 degrees in trevor's hotel room, it extremely enhanced the horrible effects of the brewing Steamin Beamin
by Secondcup May 19, 2009
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a molten hot shit typically resulting from an entire day of intense wing eating and beer drinking.
He had to go make a Steamin' Birster after lunch on Monday.
by buckeye33 May 04, 2009
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