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In britain these are the government funded schools similar to the american 'public school'. state schools are free to attend as they are funded through taxation (even if your kids go to private school, i know, soo unfair).
State school pupils fall into many catagories:

1- the middle class kid who's parents don't love them enough to send them to private school and would rather buy an aga instead.

2- the common chav ( aka scum, thief, rapist, slut, and any other annoying scummy person). key identifying points are the classic disfigured chin due to inbreeding by their now incarcerated father(who is also their uncle)and as much fake merchandise that they can fit on their face and fingers.

3- the 'individual', these folks usually spend most of their time hanging around under a tree, in the music, art or drama department proclaiming their individuality whilst dressed the same and listening to the same music as their other individual friends.

State schools are not bad places really, they offer just the same education as a private school just with added sound effects of gang rape behind the bike sheds and teachers glugging down cocktails of meths and copper sulphate to pass the day quicker.
state school: any schools where the blazers are less than 100% pure british wool.
by October 21, 2007
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