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A ginger hotty who makes absolutely every girl fall in love with him. He is especially good at running (after girls) because he does athletisme. Also, let's not forget his muscles are dayumn smoking because they're not bulky but just perfect
Jessica: Omg, he is so hot!
Melina: He is such a stanislas!
by MysteryDiamond November 03, 2014
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He is gay faggot. He dreams of Olivier Giroud and wanks to posters of him. He is also known to be very fat and slow when running. He likes to think of himself as a god, but in reality everyone knows that he is a sad lonely dumbass which is why he is called stanislas. Dumbass and Stanislas rhymeπŸ˜‰. He likes to dream about a big fat baguette with nutella on the tip fucking him when he sleeps. People also refere to him as the worst swear word to ever be made and to be called a 'Stanislas' is the worst thing that could ever happen to you and you should probably just commit suicide .
You are such a Stanislas !!!
How dare You😱! You just said the 'S' word!
by Bom Bam Slam May 29, 2018
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