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located on york road it is possibly one of the worst private skools in MD. only at st. pius:
- is leaning on a wall considered flirting
- is talking to a boy not from SPX considred detention worthy
- can a teacher get promoted for telling kids they are a waste of human life and shoulnt have been born
- can you get a job if you r related to the principal, or if u help her get a degree
- do they read you "if u give a mouse a cookie" during mass
- are thre frequent carny sigthings during april
- is your being homosexual something you need to force onto everyone
"hey randal wanna see me hard"
by UkNoUwAnTmE April 28, 2005
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word that can be used to describe homosexuals. it can be used as a noun, adjective, adverb, and even verb.

it can also be used to describe anything that sucks. unlike what st pius wishes it could be, Lakeside High School.

but using this word only relates to the males since the females are of course extremely hot.
Zaki: dude did you see what Jhon was wearing today? its awesome!
Vince: no queer, what school do you think i go to, st pius x?


Vince: man that meeting was so st pius i feel like a queer now.
Zaki: i know man what were you thinking going there your st piusing the whole place.


Vince: damn that girl was fine she must go to st pius.
Brent: oh i dont know man i go to pius so i like penis in my mouth.
Vince: yeah whatever queer.
by vicente8a October 11, 2009
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A boring school in reynoldsburg ohio that rarely gets snowdays and has a bunch of almost deaf and almost blind teachers. Most of the time when the kids get in trouble there they are said to be acting bad like public school kids.
kid one: do we have a snowday today?
kid 2: are kidding we go to st. pius X.
by Tom McDonalds November 05, 2008
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A Private Catholic School where the smartest boys go, Males only! Many war heroes have gone to this school. I am talking about the one in the heart of sydney.
St. Pius X is the best school in the world, Yay Go St. Pius X
by urban_dict_editior June 30, 2006
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