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The act of forcing yourself to vomit after a night of drinking by chugging a lot of water. The result of this is vomiting straight water, which looks like watergun attack from Pokemon.
"Squirtling is how a true Pokemon master recovers from a hangover."
by Bojangelz May 19, 2012
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The name derives from the popular Pokemon, Squirtle. The act of squirtling entails squirting either warm or cool water with your mouth onto your partner's genitalia for sexual gratification.
Nerd 1: Hey man, I tried Squirtling last night with my girlfriend. She loved it!
Nerd 2: No way, I asked if we could try Charizarding and my girlfriend went to bed without giving me any action. I'll try to ask for Squirtling next time!
by annarky June 21, 2015
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The sexual act of shoving a garden hose up your partner's anus until the water comes out of their mouth. The spiritual successor to charizarding.
Did you hear about Stacy and Brandon? I heard they were squirtling last night
by pastramillion November 15, 2018
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The act of eating out a girl, then as she cums catch it in your mouth and then spit it all over her face. When you're done yell you don't have enough badges to train me.
Amanda asked why Charlie had a handprint on his face. He replied that he was squirtling a girl last night.
by MeowDaddy69 May 28, 2016
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The act of lighting your pubes on fire and having your girl put the fire out with her cum while she shoots bubbles out of her anus. (The reverse act of charizarding)
After I charizarded my slam piece last night she began squirtling me until bubbles filled the janitors closet
by Douggernuts June 26, 2017
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The act of setting your man's pubes on fire and squirting all over him to put it out while yelling "squirtle!"
After the act: "Now that is what I call squirtling."
by iron_ick August 22, 2016
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the act of a male sucking his own cock while a female or male eats his ass/rimjob. When the male cums/ejaculates in his mouth he spits it on the person who is eating him in the face. When the partner is distracted or is eating the sperm the man shouts out "SQUIRTLE SQUIRTLE" then leaves. It is preferred if you don't have a belly/gut/or big stomach because you might miss if you choose to jack it without it in your mouth it could get in your eye. This can be or is an alternative to charzardingif you don't have anything to light them. Make sure to wash your mouth and practice sucking your dick to make sure you don't screw up.
I didn't want to pay my hooker so I tricked her into some squirtling.
by jack aniels October 12, 2017
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