A sexy young girl that wears slutty clothing and puts out. Also can be used as another word for pussy.
Example: We should head over to the fair tonight and find some squiff.

Example: Ed's sister is a hot peice of squiff.
by Poon Handler September 23, 2008
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Similar to a square or geek, sometimes called a "boffin" (particularly in Minehead). Possibly confined to Taunton in Somerset.
"What you do your homework for, you f*cking squiff???"
by Hol September 11, 2004
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To draw in and exhale marijuana smoke from a one-hitter or a "urban camouflaged" cigarette lookalike crack pipe. Must be done in public in a very covert manner.
Yo Bro, you wanna squiff on here?
by Al Dog January 19, 2005
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