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Squiddy can be used in different circumstances. One can take it as both offence or compliment. To be squiddy is either dished out on tentacles to your worst enemy or as a friend, meaning awesome or squidilicous
Zack: "I think you're squiddy"
Jason: T h a n k s
by MyDadsCondomBroke May 12, 2020
A George Collyer is by far a strange creature. A GC is easily scared yet scary themselves. With below average length legs, GC's can bend into in a creepy spider-like position and scuttle across the science plaza. They are good friends but their addiction to chicken nuggets barricades them from successfully completing escape rooms without cheating.
Erin: 'Did you see that George Collyer?'
Willycock: 'Yes, he scuttled across the hall with his chicken nuggets after failing to escape the room as he couldn't complete the first puzzle.'
by MyDadsCondomBroke May 13, 2020