1. (n) Vietnamese term for a porcupine.

Popularized in the Vietnam episode of Anthony Bordain's 'No Reservations' when he nervously watches the preparation of an unfamilar woodland animal and later finds a quill in his soup, thus revealing the true nature of the animal.
by Locker May 23, 2007
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1. to knowingly squeeze in ahead of someone or something even though it is not yet your turn

2. one who takes undo advantage of an opportunity to get ahead of someone else
I was next in line to park my car, but out of nowhere that blue car squeezeled into my space.
by Alley Cat Smith September 4, 2014
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A person or organization who attempts to squeeze every last dollar form one's pocket through weasel like means.
Those squeezels at the IRS said I owe five years worth of back taxes.
by WhtRbbt August 19, 2007
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A Squeezel is something that one must like and or love, no related to any furry woodland creature. Commonly used in the form "squeezel" or "ilikesqueezels". Not a common name for a Korean game player. Rarely is it used in conjuncation with a clan or guild abbreviation.
Can be used in many creative forms, not recommended for use by AOL users.
by Josh November 30, 2004
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Anyone who lives in a favilla and speciailizes in the art of shank making
"Give that squeezel sheep a post-it and cap from a 20oz coke bottle and he will make 7 shanks."
by Justin@ocmp.com August 11, 2006
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