Injun for "pussy". It's that simple...like it or leave it, kimosabe...
"Them thar pair a mustangs'll trade for a fresh Pawnee squaw...but that ol' woman'll fetch maybe a brokedown donkey..."
by white man's burden September 03, 2007
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J. Medicine Hat's wife.

Means more then woman. More akin to cunt or pussy.
J. Medicine Hat's wife is such a squaw.
J's squaw daughter puts out for all the Colored-American guys everytime she bends over.
by Iron Eyes Cody March 15, 2005
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The word is used by many rednecks, Hicks, and hillbillies to summon another friend from a great distance
I yelled Squaw for my fellow brother to come to me in a time of need
by Squaw master January 23, 2018
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