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an object of ridicule and scorn. To be owned after making a boast. Espousing something so outrageously asinine that an entire audience/group/forum finds you to be a moron. Origin comes from the online alias of a person whom boasted that he could take anyone in a particular online community in a fight.

describes a person who enjoys spetz frequently.
'He was saying how he could take anyone and he has been everyone's squatdog since"
by hookworm July 03, 2005
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Large Melvin!
not only squats but mounts other male members of his "Krew".
Retarded homosexuals bow their heads in shame at him and his antics.
leave my ass alone u homo Squatdog.
naz looks straight compared 2 u!
by PubicMan December 09, 2003
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Someone who walks around barefooted and shirtless.
I wasn't allowed to pay for the gas inside, because the clerk said there are no Squat Dogs allowed.
by Dancing Cat August 31, 2005
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