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Squarehead is a late 19th century ethnic slur directed at German and Scandinavian immigrants. The phrase is meant quite literally as a disparaging reference to the cranial features, though often just used as a generic ethnic slur against those groups.

Basically the stereotypical shape of a Northern European's head was thought to be square- so it was (and is) an insult to call someone with that ethnic makeup squarehead.
Kid: "Mommy, did you see how weird that Norwegian's head looked?"

Mother: "Yes dear, the fucking Squareheads do have unusually shaped skulls. The Swedish have even more box-like heads... don't even get me started on the Danes or Germans..."
by LickMySwedishMeatBalls April 24, 2010
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man:do you watch square head?
Friend:You mean willNE?
Friend:nah he's irrelevant.
by Xenno June 04, 2018
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Contrary to other beliefs, Square Head is not a reference to the WWII helmets that the Germans used. It is used in reference to the common shape in which many Germans heads are shaped. Dominating brow bones and a square jaw are what create this square look.
That square head ripped me off.
by Brandeis September 13, 2006
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A literally translated derogatory term used by French-Canadians to describe English-Canadians. But always spoken/written in it's French form. Can be used in a good natured way between friends. Kind of the opposite of "Frog".
Most English-Canadians are unaware of it's usage.

Origin unknown.
Quebec hockey players are better than square heads.
by srt420 April 06, 2008
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A square head is pretty much what it sounds like- a person or thing with a square head.
by watt? June 21, 2015
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