Person A: hey, wanna listen to some ed sheeran music?
Person B: that redheaded guy?
Person C: with the foot fetish?
by I funny February 26, 2021
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A person who is a singer-songwriter who names all his main albums after popular mathematic symbols
'Hey did you see my latest song?'

Yeah bruh, you're such an Ed Sheeran'
by PigeonKing 1067 July 27, 2020
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Hotter clone of Rupert Grint who can sing
Guy 1: Have you heard the new Ed Sheeran song?
Guy 2: No
Guy 1: Well, someone is technologically retarded
by u r gae February 19, 2019
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Ed Sheeran is a beautiful ginger singer-songwriter who is truthfully know as a Ginger Jesus who has an amazing heart along with incredible music! His eyes make you feel as though you dove into a sparkling ocean and his hair is such a statement! The ginger hair on him can just make anyone happy and his fun, easygoing personality makes everyone’s heart melt! He is not like the rest because he is such a sweet person with a great personality which some celebrities don’t have! Ed Sheeran can turn tables like no other and make anyone feel great at anytime!!
- Who is Ed Sheeran?
- Ed Sheeran is a ginger singer-songwriter
by teddysdayeveryday May 3, 2018
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An overrated British dude with orange hair who sings songs that radio hosts will play for you 16,000 times a day
GUY 1: Who sings this song that’s now playing for the 180th time in a row?
GUY 2: Ed Sheeran. He’s orange.
by KurtByDay March 12, 2018
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