A heavily processed type of cannabis. The cannabis is put through a sieve, so only the pollen comes out, then water is added and it is baked. Many marijuana users find this harsh tasting and prefer natural cannabis
Only scallies smoke sput
by Keese September 2, 2005
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Kickass, hell yeah. Can replace any adjective. Can also be used as a verb.

+Originated in the West AJ dorm of Virginia Tech, 1998.+
"Sput, I got an A on my econ test."
"No bitch, you ain't sputtin' the muttin'".
"Damn, that girl can do it with no hands. She sputs."
by Ickeymoo February 13, 2008
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Oh for fucks sake Tina I thought I told you about cleaning up all them fucking sput stains off that sofa you filthy cunt.......

Can't help it I got fisted last night, had a prolapse and sputted all over the place.... dead sputty it were. soz
by cuntypeters November 5, 2009
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An expression of surprise ,dismay, or pleasure.
Oh sput, he just got housed!
by Fat Bastard March 12, 2004
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Sputting (Verb) spu tɪŋ

meaning "to Sputt"

to imitate sputt to the point of indistinguishability on a molecular level
see john over there? he's not good at sputting.
by sbot50 February 18, 2021
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When you try to try "Ur a slut" But it comes out "Ur a sput"
A misspelled Slut
Tom: Your a sput!
James: What?
Tom: I meant to say Slut
by TMTMTL August 25, 2015
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God-awful, all around terrible drivers.

When using the word "sputs" one must speak with a slight Chicagoan accent throughout the sentence.

Spitting (saying and spraying) is permitted when saying this word.
Look at this sputs, he's had his blinker on for the past two miles

Don't drive in the passing lane if you aren't gonna pass people, fuckin sputs!
by Lunch Time Combo June 1, 2014
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