Semen after its been in an anus
Guy fucks girl in the ass she farts spum comes out everywhere!!!
by jondy florinen November 21, 2009
The word is a cross between sperm and cum, often mistakingly used in place of the other words due to drunkenness.
"There's no way I am getting in that hot tub, it's totally full of Jay's spum."
by Beerends May 8, 2007
Yo biatch, why come you be leavin' spum stains on my couch when I's outta da crib?
by Tobacco March 4, 2003
OMG you guys he covered me in spum last night
by therealniggaboojones September 6, 2022
It's what you are tasting when you felch someone.
Alternative spelling is 'sbum'.
I love the taste of spum when i'm felching.
by spumilicious March 10, 2004
unwanted cum, in a similar vein as unwanted email is defined as spam, unwanted cum is defined as spum.
before i could move he spum on my face.
by alan April 5, 2004
stupid, use to call so one an idiot
You are so spummy

u are such a spum
by vicky t April 27, 2003