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A sprong is an agricultural hand tool. Other people may call them dung forks.

It can also be used as a verb.
the farmer spronged in the silage to the feed barrier with a sprong.
by Gangstagrass January 28, 2016
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A five-character sequence of C code: Left-square-bracket, zero, right-square-bracket, hyphen, greater-than.

Sprongs are a specific programming trick for C and C++ that can be used to quickly access a struct when you have a handle (a pointer-to-a-pointer) to it. Instead of "(**handle).member" you can use the equivalent code "handle0->member". The somewhat unusual construct "0->" is pronounced "sprong", and brings to mind the sound of a spring. The word may have been coined by Maf Vosburgh.

The use of sprongs was common among Macintosh computer programmers circa System 7 in the mid-1990s because of the large number of handles used in the Mac OS API.
Without sprongs: (** (** GetMainDevice() ).gdPMap ).pixelSize
With sprongs: GetMainDevice() 0-> gdPMap 0-> pixelSize
by drewthaler June 28, 2006
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To Unleash the act of setting Angry Geese and other Aquatic Animals Upon Someone
guy #1: dont mess with me
guy #2: or else...
guy #1: ILL SPRONG U!
guy #2: ...i shall not mess with you
by D0DDY February 16, 2007
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one: a 'sprong', Strands of hair that refuse to remain in place after combing and are prominently obvious to the point of embarrassment.

two: symbol used by Macintosh C programers.
by Gracie + Jerry August 28, 2005
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