A small quantity usually describing something or someone else.
May I borrow a sprigg of your toothpaste? I seem to be running low.
Not to be used as, "You are a sprigg!"
by cranberry trumble May 2, 2006
A simple girl who drinks far too much alcohol, but still is sexy because she has a pretty face
Kim, the new co-worker is quite Spriggs.
by Cavalier72 March 4, 2009
The tiny little hairs after shaving your pubes. Can be used in name-calling.
1.Sick dude that chick showed me her stuff and she had a freakin spriggy poon.
2.Riley is an idiot. His name is Spriggs from now on.
by Chad Milligan September 22, 2007
A famous barbeque restaurant located at Air Depot Road Midwest City, OK. Best barbeque world wide.
Gimme some of that mmm mmm good meat falls of the bone. Mr. Spriggs barbeque Spriggs barbeque!
by DingerHaim September 2, 2009
A man of upmost awesome, his nickname is batman and is just as cool. there is no one in the world is that cool. trust me bro. a lad of all lads. also a most excellent bro!
Girl: OMG! whos that? hes so cute
other girl: thats michael spriggs, hes so cute
by lycanman November 9, 2012
The name of a man with a massive penis.
The Twin Towers were standing before Damian Spriggs swatted them down with his massive erect Penis.
by Rockogrande December 23, 2013