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A projectile fart of a certain liquid and sonic magnitude.
"Did you rip ass?"
"Yeah, Spray Fart"

"The Ric just spray farted. I think he's in the bathroom checking for stains"

*Alternate spelling: spray faht
by jesse March 09, 2005
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in large individuals, when your butt cheeks are wet and you fart, the juices project onto your undergarments and pants, causing them to smell like a bleach-shit mixture, and taints everything you sit on with that undesirable smell.

damn fat dude, wut u do dat for.

i have no control over my wet bottom, and what comes out of it. pfft spray fart
by drosk1727 October 22, 2010
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A hot girl that only hangs out to drink all of your beer and smoke all of your weed, and don't bring anything to the table. Often leave you feeling pissed off.
Bro, Emilie and Ashleigh are such Spray Farts. They drank all of our beer and we didn't even get any last night. FUCK THAT.
by ChinoSlim August 02, 2010
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