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Casual sex, usually with a friend or other person that requires no commitment to anything more than having a good time.
Sport fucking is extremely popular on college campuses, especially at frat parties.

Me and Tyrell only sport fucked to pass the time- we knew there wuz no future in it and that wuz cool.
by kitty September 26, 2004
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to fuck for entertainment purposes
I knew it was a sport fuck when he started laughing at me.
by h-town187 May 15, 2010
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To fuck as quick and hard as possible, simulating a gym workout, with total disregard for your sexual partner.
American women are great for sport fucking, but make terrible wives.
by Top Gunt June 4, 2004
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sex in unusual positions, done casually yet aggressively.
Man, my back hurts srom sport fuckin' all night with Nancy.
by B Rex February 16, 2005
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The pursuit of sex just add to numbers or to add a new kind of trophy to one's list. Examples: fucking a cougar, a fat chick, a nerd.
I don't really understand why he does it. I guess he is just into sport fucking anything just to say he has.
by stilldixon August 27, 2014
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While fucking as many bitches as possible. Getting as much pussy or "strange" pussy as possible without the others knowing your fucking other bitches. The art of fucking, not only for the pleasure but because you have a great Cactus and bitches want you to drop your "Hog" in there sweet pussy's.
I traveled up the Parkway and engaged in a serious night of Sport Fucking. While Sport Fucking i must have ate and fucked my way through half the bitches in LBI. I became a master at Sport Fucking until i tackled these 3 hookers from Edison. Sport Fucking isn't for the average Joe, It's a way of life. A good sport fucker must be able to dip his hog in many bitches and live to tell about it.
by Anthony Minetti June 2, 2007
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Engaging in the act of fucking, but looking at it more like a sport than anything else.
Sport fucking should always be practiced safely!
by Check it! October 22, 2009
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