4 definitions by Anthony Minetti

The Frontal Slit Defintion also known as "FSD" is the Gap between a females pussy lips common to that of a Camel Toe.
The Frontal Slit Definition on Stephanie was huge, it reminded me of a Camel toe or the gap between the slats in a picket fence. I was about to eat this bitches pussy & Her FSD was so large I heard an echo.!
by Anthony Minetti May 5, 2007
While fucking as many bitches as possible. Getting as much pussy or "strange" pussy as possible without the others knowing your fucking other bitches. The art of fucking, not only for the pleasure but because you have a great Cactus and bitches want you to drop your "Hog" in there sweet pussy's.
I traveled up the Parkway and engaged in a serious night of Sport Fucking. While Sport Fucking i must have ate and fucked my way through half the bitches in LBI. I became a master at Sport Fucking until i tackled these 3 hookers from Edison. Sport Fucking isn't for the average Joe, It's a way of life. A good sport fucker must be able to dip his hog in many bitches and live to tell about it.
by Anthony Minetti June 2, 2007
Another name for the Male Penis
A Really thick Cock
While Sally and Andrea were pulling my drawers down, Hawgzilla peeked out and made himself visible. Sally begged for my Cock forcing me to play the ever popular game, "Just stick the Head In". Hawgzilla, the real white meat
by Anthony Minetti September 12, 2007
Is the discolored skin around the outer labia from dribbling piss out of a females pussy. 2. The discolored skin from using hair removing products mixed with urine burns the skin leaving it slightly yet obviously discolored.
Stephanie shaved around her pussy lips real nice but when i went to lick that box, I discovered Piss Burn. The Piss Burn left a noticable color difference to her pussy. The piss burn isn't a color it's a lifestyle.
by Anthony Minetti May 5, 2007